Tuesday, January 06, 2004
  The keynote is over.
Thanks for getting your coverage at MacUnderground. 
  iPod mini shipping in February in the US (April worldwide) 
  The iPod mini is designed to go after the high-end flash market.
The iPod mini comes in colors (five colors) 
  New form factor for the iPod mini. 
  iPod Mini:
4,000 MB
About 1,000 songs
Half inch thick
  iPod mini 
  Steve's leading up to a new iPod announcement. 
  Debuting new iPod ad. 
10 GB model now 15 GB
New in-ear headphones ($39) 
Oct-Nov Market share: 31% 
Last quarter Apple sold 730,000 iPods
Over 2 million iPods sold 
  Now showing a star-studded iLife movie about the new apps and updates.
Stars appearing include Tony Hawk (again) and Mr. Frodo himself. 
  GarageBand JamPack:
Companion Application
Over 100 more instruments
Over 2,000 more loops

Sells for $99
Available on January 16

Apple will be reselling a $99 keyboard 
  iLife '04 in stores January 16 
  Cost of Windows knock-offs of iLife: $306
Cost of iLife '04: $49 
Can export directly to iTunes 
  John Mayer and Steve are now demonstrating GarageBand's guitar amps 
  Steve's just used GarageBand's loops to create an entire song in just a few minutes (amazing). 
  Opinion: GarageBand looks very cool. 
  Demoing GarageBand with John Mayer. 
Digitally mix up to 64 tracks
Play over 50 software instruments
Use over 1,000 professional loops
Record live audio
Over 200 audio effects
Vintage and modern guitar amps 
  Fifth iLife App:
A major new Pro Music Tool for Everyone 
20 new themes
Enhanced menus
Enhanced slideshows
DVD navigation map
Pro encoding from Final Cut Pro
Up to 2 hour long DVDs
Archive projects - burn on another Mac 
.mac clip sharing 
Improved titles
Audio scrub in the timeline 
Trim clips in the timeline
Alignment guides
Import video from iSight camera 
Albums available in Japan later this month
Albums available in Europe in March 
  Steve's showing off iPhoto's Rendezvous sharing. 
  iPhoto Slideshows:
Pick a playlist for music
Choose effects for transition (not just dissolve anymore) 
Fast controls to rate, rotate, trash, in slideshow. 
  Steve's demoing iPhoto with over 25,000 photos. 
Up to 25,000 photos
Time based organization
"Smart Albums"
Fast preview controls and ratings
Rendesvouz photo sharing
Enhanced slideshows 
Not updated. 
  iLife '04
Like Microsoft Office for the rest of your life. 
  "Let's talk about iLife." 
  Starting Feb. 1st, Pepsi and Apple are giving away 100,000,000 songs. One in three will be a winner. 
  New iTunes Features:
Billboard Charts (Currently Hot 100, more to come)
Over 12,000 Classical tracks added today
500,000 songs are now available for download
"Largest Online Music Store in the World" 
  Talking about the new iTMS-AOL partnership. 
  Over 50,000 audio books sold on the iTMS since October
Over 100,000 gift certificates sold for the iTMS since October 
  The top spender in the iTMS has spent $29,500. 
  iTMS has a 70% Market Share 
  Over 30,000,000 songs sold in the iTMS 
  "And that's what we have today for the G5." 
  New Xserve RAID:
3.5 TB of storage
SFP connectors
On the fly RAID set expansion 
  Single 2 GHz ($2999)
Dual 2.0 GHz ($3999)
And a compute node model is also available.
Shipping in February. 
  Xserve G5:
1U form factor
Single and dual 2 GHz Procs
ECC Memory DDR 400
Up to 750 GB of storage 
  Xserve G5 
  Steve's on stage again. 
  Now showing a new video about the G5 supercomputer. 
  The Virginia Tech Supercomputer is the third fastest in the world and cost only $5.2 million. 
  Steve's talking about Virginia Tech's "Big Mac" supercomputer. 
  The MS Office presentation is over.
Steve announces over 10,000 native apps for OS X. 
  Talking about the new Microsoft Office (MS Office 2004). 
  Steve announces that Final Cut Express 2 is available today for $299 ($99 upgrade). 
  Apple Exec of Pro App Marketing is showing off Final Cut Express. 
  FCE 2.0:
Based on FCP4
Real time effects
Optimized for Panther and the G5
Real time color effects 
  Final Cut Express 2.0 Announced 
  Steve's covering some new software releases by third-party companies. 
  Steve declares the OS X transition over. 
  Going to reach 10 million active users of Mac OS X this quarter. 
  Steve's recapping Panther. 
  "We're going to make something of this year."
- Steve Jobs 
  He's running the 1984 ad!
Now the runner has an iPod! 
  He's talking about the "1984" ad. 
  Talking about the Mac's 20th anniversary. 
  Talking about the first Mac in the 1980s. 
  Steve Jobs has taken the stage! 
  The All-Elvis Keynote

So far all the house music has been by Elvis. Hmmm... That's, um... interesting
  Five minutes to 9 PST

The house video looks good. Phil Schiller can be seen wandering around up front. 
  Less than 15 minutes to go folks, I'll be updating with all the latest info throughout the keynote. 
  The Apple Store Online is officially down right now... 
  Live at the Apple Store!

Yes, I'm at the Apple Store North Michigan Ave getting ready for MacUnderground's big keynote coverage!

Less than one hour to go folks! 
Monday, December 29, 2003
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